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Beautiful You Sample Set

Beautiful You Sample Set

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Looking to try something new, but not ready to commit to an entire palette or full size item?

Enjoy this small collection of glamorous goodies and catch a glimpse of just how fabulous you can sparkle!

This set includes:

• 1 full size eyeshadow

• 1 mini lipgloss 

• 2 healing crystals (with info cards)


Eyeshadow Options:

Neutral: browns, nudes, tans, or lighter colors

Bold: purples, blues, grays, blacks, or richer colors

Surprise Me”: receive a best seller chosen at random


Lipgloss Options:

Light: *Auralite*, *Citrine*, *Diamond*, or *Opal* from the *ABUNDANCE* Lipgloss Collection 

Dark*Amethyst*, *Sunstone*, or *Tiger Eye* from the *ABUNDANCE* Lipgloss Collection

Surprise Me”: receive a best seller chosen at random


Healing crystals will be intuitively chosen for each order. (Will include info cards for each stone, along with care instructions).


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